The story so farÖ

Are you working full-time on the tools and then working as a part-time bookkeeper at nights or weekends? Or maybe your partner is doing the books and itís putting extra stress on your relationship. Thatís why we built Silki; to really lighten the load for tradies.

Do you find it tough running a small trade or service business? You have the physical work and then there is the administrative side on top Ė booking jobs, estimating, chasing timesheets (or just trying to remember which jobs youíve been on!), tracking materials and then the invoicing on top. Silki handles all the annoying admin to keep you on the tools and earning as much as possible.

Making a change can seem difficult but our approach is to truly support your business; we donít believe in emailing support tickets or pressing number three for customer service. We are nimble and itís all about getting you up and running as smoothly as possible.

You might be starting out and doing a few jobs on weekends for friends and family. Or maybe you have ambitions to grow your crew and take on more work. The Silki iPhone, Android and web apps are easy to pick up and have all been designed to save your time and maximise your bank balance.

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